Wyandotte County Lake Trail Run - 2/3/06

Next Saturday, the infamous Psycho WyCo Trail Run is happening at Wyandotte County Lake in rural Kansas City, KS.  I thought it might be a good idea to go out and do a little running on the trails to see if I was up to the challenge. Ben Holmes, race director has left my registration open to either run the 10 mile, 20 mile, or the traditional 50K distance. Thought I would check it out to see if I was going to be even up to 10 miles, let alone over 30!

The trails are nothing new to me, having ran many trails in the metro area that are very comparable. I would compare them to Lake Jacomo which is close to my house on the east side of the metro (and on the Missouri side). The trails were a bit muddy in places, which I love! I prefer running on rain soaked trails rather than hard, brittle paths. There were a few areas like that, where the horses' hooves had made the ground dry and hard. I can just hope for some rain next week to keep the trail squishy!

I ended up losing the bridal trail after a couple of miles heading Northwest. I couldn't tell where the trail went when it came out close to the marina. Anyway, I headed back and then ran a mile or so up the Northeast side of the lake on the bridal path.

Here are a few pics I took with my camera phone:

Stopped to take a couple of pics about 1.5 miles on the NW Trail

Sections were nice and muddy! (Right) Done running. Slight scrape on right ankle ... no other problems.

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