2005 Winter Barefoot Running

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Those that are squeamish regarding open wounds should not scroll down.

January 5, 2005 -

An interesting and instructive run today. We got about an inch of freezing rain last night and then about an inch of sleet today. I went out after lunch for my daily run. The sleet was actually like snow on the wood chip trail where I ran about 3 miles. Then, I switched over to concrete and asphalt for the final 3 miles. Actually, this seemed a bit smoother than the normally cushy wood chip trail. My technique is definitely different when it is slick. I find myself doing a full-foot plant with shorter strides which eliminates most scraping. I ran the 6 miles at a little less than a 10 minute pace, but that's what felt right.

Temp: 24 F
Wind Chill: 14 F
Wind: SSE at 10 mph

Here's a pic of my footsies that I took with my picture phone. Notice the frozen rain on the grass beside the wood chip trail:


February 2005 -

In January, I attempted to run too many really cold days back to back. For me, a day of sub-20F running of over 5 miles produces a degree of nerve loss and blood flow. I need a couple of days to recover from a day of really cold running in snow. The following pics show frostbite from falsely judging my abilities to recover from day to day.


December 7, 2005

This was a day of winter barefoot running I will probably not try to repeat. The temp was 10 degrees with a windchill of -6 degrees F. The video below shows the blowing snow as we already had gotten about 2 inches of snow. I think it was the combination of the very cold temps and the snow which made me lose feeling early on in the run. I only ran 3 miles this day. After the first mile, my feet were a little numb but I was feeling okay. After the run, I could tell I was going to have some problems because a couple of toes were frozen! It was just too much exposure for such extreme temps with the snow combined. Yesterday, I ran 4 miles with the temps at 14 degrees (no snow on the ground) and my feet were fine afterward. The snow was the huge factor on today's run. Note to self: DO NOT RUN IN SNOW WHEN THE TEMPS ARE BELOW 20 DEGREES!

Video at Indian Creek Bike Trail, Overland Park Kansas


December 11, 2005

The following pictures are the result of my December 7 snow and frigid temps run. Pics were taken immediately following my running of the Dallas White Rock Marathon:


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