2004 Winter Barefoot Running

November 24, 2004 -

We got nine inches of the wet slushy variety last night. It was 34 degrees when I went out to run this afternoon. The first mile was a bit chilly, but I warmed up. It was a blast splashing though the melting snow, jumping through snow mounds that the plows had made, and generally just having a great time! I almost wimped out and went to run on a treadmill at the gym, but I thought how in the heck am I going to get acclimated to running a barefoot marathon in the snow if I don't start getting out there and doing it?

Anyway, a nice 6.5 miles at an 8:50 pace.


December 22, 2004 -

I think the coldest day I ran last winter was 17 degrees and I believe it was 4 or 5 miles.

Here's today's run:

10.02 miles
Time: 1:31:24
Pace: 9:07

3 miles wood chip trail
7 miles concrete/asphalt
Temp: 13 F
Wind Chill: 0 F
Wind: N at 10 mph

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