Barefoot Rick's 2006 Olathe Marathon Interview
"Profiles & Previews" with Stephen Koranda, Rob Bens, and Barefoot Rick

(Courtesy of the City of Olathe Kansas and Comcast Public Access Channel 7

Barefoot Rick is spotlighted in a 15 minute interview with Stephen Koranda, Olathe Marathon Race Director and Rob Bens, Olathe Marathon Race Committee Member regarding the upcoming Olathe Marathon, Relay, 15K, and 2.62 mile Bun Run.

The interview has been broken into (6) segments with a brief explanation. Resolution is low due to the size of the overall film. Each segment, except for the last, is approximately 5MG. Click on any of the links below to view a particular segment.

 (Interview date, May 10, 2006)

Chapter 1 (3 minutes - 5MG)
Introductions of Rob Bens and Barefoot Rick by host, Stephen Koranda. Discussion of how many runners expected for the event and the marathon distance. Discussion of what is a Marathon Maniac?

Chapter 2 (3 minutes - 5MG)
Volunteer and marathon runner Rob Bens talks working and running the marathon event. Barefoot Rick shares why he runs barefoot and his overall rating of the Olathe course.

Chapter 3 (3 minutes - 5MG)
Rob Bens talks about the volunteer effort involved in putting on an event of this size. Discussion of course route.

Chapter 4 (3 minutes - 5MG)
Barefoot Rick and Rob Bens talk about training for a marathon. What does it take to run a marathon?

Chapter 5 (3 minutes - 5MG)
Marathon and 15K logistics. Best times to spectate. BR and Rob talk about the great community support of Olathe citizens who come out to watch the race. Website info.

Chapter 6 (1 minute - 1.7MG)
Wrap-up and Credits.


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