Marathon to Marathon IA Race Report - June 15, 2002


Total time: 3:37:35
Age Place (40 to 49): 11th
Overall Place: 27th


1 - 8:11
2 - 7:34
3 - 7:25
4 - 7:49
5 - 7:46
7 - 7:43
8 - 7:47
9 - 8:15
10 - 8:03
11 - 8:00
12 - 8:13
13 - 8:06
14 - 8:07
15 - 8:31
16 - 8:22
17 - 8:38
18 - 8:46
19 - 8:40
20 - 8:58
21 - 8:49
22 - 9:07
23 - 9:02
24 - 9:08
25 - 8:51
26 - 8:50
.2 - 1:18

Goals Achieved:

1. 13th marathon completed
2. Did NOT WALK any of the course
3. Added another state (if I ever decide to "chase" the state thing
4. Met some great people, both organizers and runners

My Report:

As I stated in Friday's post, I decided on pretty quick notice to run this marathon. I've been coming off some high mileage (for me) weeks, and I have raced the past two weekends. So, when I decided to go earlier this week, I did not know what to expect regarding a time to shoot for. In addition, this week at work is the week from hell every June, so I knew I would be ready for a break.

Anyway, I ended up not working on Friday, so I left Kansas City about noon for the 5 hour drive to Storm Lake, IA. Turns out it is just about 300 miles due north.

Checked in to my motel around 5 p.m., and then went to Storm Lake High School to register and pick up my packet. Saw a few people there from KC and we chatted for a while. Left the high school and the pasta dinner (that I did not attend) to go pick up my pre-race dinner at Pizza Hut ... a medium pepperoni and anchovie pizza (I guarantee, there is mojo in that mixture!).

Took my pizza on a road trip to the tiny town of Marathon, IA so I could see where I needed to take my truck in the morning, in order to be shuttled back to the start line. I thought I would prefer riding the bus early in the morning rather than after the race back to Storm Lake.

I checked out the terrain and the small town and then went driving east of Storm Lake. The area has hundreds of windmills which I had not seen since my last trip up I-5 in California. They are incredible to get close to.

Went back to the motel and went to bed by nine. Got up at 3:30 a.m. and drove to Marathon, IA where others were waiting to be shuttled back to Storm Lake. The shuttles left at 4:45 a.m. and we got back to Storm Lake about 5:30. Plenty of time for the 6 a.m. start.

The race started at exactly 6 a.m. I was a cool 51. Once we got out of town, we knew the wind was going to be a factor. This course is described as flat and fast. I would describe it as gently rolling hills and fast, if there was not a 30 mile per hour north wind that you were fighting a good majority of the way.

These types of marathons are really my favorite. Once you get a few miles out, there was nobody in front or back of me for 300 yards. I prefer the solitude a lot of times over the noisy crowds. I did enjoy, however, the water stops where there were just a few cheering the runners on. The water stops were plentiful and spaced well throughout the course.

The wind took its toll on me as you can see by my splits. Anyway, I cruised in at 3:37 and felt pretty darn good about it. As Taylor Palomis stated in an earlier report, showers are provided at the community center in Marathon, so I took advantage of them. I wrote down my finishing time and place, and got in my truck and headed back to KC.

The first thing I did after getting something to eat when I got home was, I mowed the yard. YOUR LEGS WILL THANK YOU THE NEXT DAY. I highly recommend mowing the yard after a marathon. I have done it several times after marathons and it really helps.

That's my story and I'm sticking to it!

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