Barefoot Rick's Oz Marathon Report - April 18, 2015

Isaiah 40:31 - But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint.


Temperature at start -  62 deg F
Temperature at Finish - 66 deg F

Finish Time - 4:10:50
Pace - 9:35
Age Group 55 to 59 Males - 7 of 19
Overall - 193

85th Marathon (26.2 Miles or Ultra Distance)
67th Consecutive Barefoot Marathon Since April 2004

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As I mentioned in my last two marathon reports, my barefoot treadmill work since December has helped immensely with my speed. In addition, my health and physicality has improved also because of regimented hydration. This marathon is just another example of how my training is paying off. Last month in Jerusalem I ran a 4 hour and 57 minute marathon. In Dallas last week I ran a 4 hour and 41 minute marathon. This week I ran a 4 hour and 10 minute marathon. All the hard work getting back to where I was a few years ago is starting to come to fruition. I would need to go back to October 2010 in my marathon history to find a marathon that I ran faster than today's. I am grateful to God for His wisdom and giving me the desire of my heart to run faster once again.

As shown in the results below, I was well on my way to a sub four hour marathon at the half. I had a secret desire to try for a 3:55 which would qualify me for next year's Boston Marathon as a 60 year old. However, it was not to be today. The first 14 miles of the course are on streets which was good today in lieu of the rain. However, the last 12 miles are on the Indian Creek Bike Trail. Normally, this is great. But today (as last year) the trail was treacherous in various sections due to the mud. This made for a much slower pace the last half of the race. I commented to several folks that this was déjà vu from last year -- thunderstorms and muddy conditions. The one thing that was missing this year was a brief hailstorm which I was most happy not to repeat.

All in all, I am still very pleased with my results. By God's grace and a lot of hard work, I have improved drastically over my often 5 hour or more finishes in recent years. While the conditions were not ideal today, they were still good enough for me to finish better than I have in four and half years. With that said, I still believe I have room for improvement which gives me great hope of racing for years to come.

464 Rick Roeber M 55-59 193 7/19 145/298 1:53:52 8:46 2:48:55 9:08 4:10:50 9:35


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