Join Barefoot Rick On The Yellow Brick Road
at The Garmin Marathon for a Milestone in Barefoot Running!

Join "Barefoot Rick" Roeber in Olathe Kansas at the Garmin Marathon in the Land of Oz on April 21 2012 to celebrate his 20,000th barefoot running mile. Barefoot Rick will run barefoot 26.2 miles that day and cross the finish line at exactly 20,000 barefoot miles since taking up barefoot running in 2003. During this time, Rick has logged his barefoot running miles with three Garmin GPS devices. On race day, he will be wearing his Garmin 305 with only a marathon distance between him and 20,000 barefoot miles.

To mark this achievement, Barefoot Rick has partnered with Samaritan's Feet who provide new shoes globally to children who cannot afford them ( The following is from their website:

Not just a non-profit, nor just a humanitarian aid organization Ė but a community of more than 70,000 volunteers who have joined together to make a difference in the lives of children in need in every corner of the world. From a dream to the reality of an estimated 3.5 million impoverished children and adults in over 60 nations being served by having their feet washed, receiving a new pair of shoes, and hearing a message of hope.

Help spread the word about Barefoot Rick's endeavor to provide shoes for those most needy. Please consider a gift of $20 or more for 20,000 barefoot running miles. Samaritan's Feet can put a pair of shoes on a person anywhere in the world for $10, so a $20 contribution will result in 2 people getting a new pair of shoes/socks, getting their feet washed and hearing a message of hope. His goal is $2,000 for 20,000 miles! That's 200 pairs of shoes/socks for children who need them most.





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The 2012 Garmin Marathon will be Barefoot Rick's 56th barefoot marathon (18 previous to 2003 for a total of 74 marathons). In addition, he has completed various other distances including two 40 mile barefoot runs and one of over 60 miles. Rick has been featured on CNN, Good Morning America, ESPN, FOX News, and various local news outlets.

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About Samaritans Feet
Samaritanís Feet is a 501(c)(3), humanitarian aid organization that shares a message of hope and love by distributing new shoes and washing the feet of under-served individuals around the world. Samaritanís Feet International was founded in 2003 by Nigerian born Manny Ohonme and his wife Tracie for the purpose of sharing hope with the under-served and hurting people of the world by washing their feet, giving them a new pair of shoes, and empowering them to believe that their dreams can come true.

Manny received his first pair of shoes at the age of nine from a missionary. Those shoes allowed him to learn and play basketball, which ultimately earned him a scholarship to the University of North Dakota (Lake Region). Manny went on to receive his bachelorís and masterís degrees and pursued a successful career in supply chain software industries. A simple pair of shoes and the kindness and compassion shared by this missionary changed the course of Mannyís life.

The people of Samaritanís Feet believe that shoes are so much more than status symbols and fashion accessories. A new pair of shoes can be a symbol of hope and the source of life to a person in need. Samaritanís Feet shoe distributions are designed to both meet physical needs and inspire young people to believe in the value of life and service. These distributions are the outpouring of the Samaritanís Feet dedication to changing hearts and lives forever.

Our goal is to provide 10 million pairs of shoes in the next 10 years, and since 2003, Samaritanís Feet and our team of ambassadors have served an estimated 3.5 million individuals in over 60 countries.


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