Barefoot Rick's Omaha Marathon Report - September 7, 2009

Luke 3:5 - Every valley shall be filled, and every mountain and hill shall be brought low; and the crooked shall be made straight, and the rough ways shall be made smooth;

*Ran the entire distance


Temperature at start -  55 degrees F
Temperature at Finish - 73 degrees F

Finish Time - 4:16:21
Pace - 9:48
2nd Place Barefoot Marathon Finisher! (Omaha Marathon is currently the only marathon in the world with barefoot awards!)
Age Group 51 to 55 Males - 19th Place
Overall - 239th out of 455

66th Marathon (26.2 Miles or Ultra Distance)
48th Consecutive Barefoot Marathon Since April 2004

2009 Soles For Souls

Transforming Lives
Through the Gift of Mobility


377 Barefoot Rick Roeber M 50-54 239 19/30 1:00:56 3:14:45 4:16:21 9:48

(The Omaha Marathon, Half-marathon, and 10K are the ONLY races in the world currently with barefoot divisions and awards!!!)

Rebecca and I arrived Saturday afternoon in Omaha and checked in to the Embassy Suites, our favorite Omaha hotel. (We've stayed there at least four times on past trips, as we enjoy the amenities plus the location on the river front.) About 3:30 p.m. we headed down to the packet pickup and then headed for the pasta dinner. There we met up with barefoot runner Tamara from the Atlanta Georgia area. Tamara, or TJ as she is known, had signed up for the half marathon. We visited for awhile, along with Chuck Engle and a few of his friends who graced us with their presence at our table. After a nice supper, we said our good-byes and headed back to the hotel. On the way out, we saw Benny, another barefoot half-marathoner. We chatted a bit, took some pictures, and then Rebecca and I headed back. I turned in early for a restless night of waking up about every hour (pre-marathon nights are like that sometimes for me).

(Left) Rebecca, Me, and Tamara (TJ) at the Pasta Dinner (pics courtesy of TJ)

Benny, Me, TJ (courtesy TJ)

Race morning TJ and I met up at the speakers podium. We chatted for a bit and then it was time for me to say the prayer. Race Director Susie Smisek had asked me to pray for the race which I gladly obliged. After that, I lost track of TJ but met up Aaron (zolodoco) who was also running the marathon. After the National Anthem, the gun went off and we started out on our 26.2 mile journey.

I lost track of Aaron right away. At about mile four, I met up with him and TJ. We cruised along for a while, but finally Aaron went ahead and TJ dropped back. I just set it on cruise control, winding down toward the zoo and up and down some pretty good size hills. I knew Aaron was just a few minutes ahead of me because spectators kept saying, "Hey, there's another barefoot runner!"

I had fun along the way, talking to many folks about barefoot running and about my faith in the Lord Jesus. Before I knew it, I was headed into the finish area. Finish time was 4 hours, 16 minutes, and 21 seconds. I ended up taking second place for the marathon in the Barefoot Division -- Aaron took first place, coming in nearly seven minutes ahead of me.

It was great to get to meet some new barefoot runners like TJ and Aaron. Although I had seen Benny at a previous race, I had never met him. It was nice to put a personality with several emails we've written back and forth.

TJ pre-race

(Left) Aaron and me (Right) Benny, TJ, Me, and Aaron

(These 2 pics also courtesy of TJ)


Marathon Runner Goes Barefoot
One of the competitors in this weekend's Omaha Marathon will be participating without shoes.


Barefoot Runner Takes On Omaha Marathon
Rick Roeber Has Finished 46 Marathons Without Shoes


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*I am a marathon runner and do not prescribe to a run/walk method for MY marathons. Likewise, I do not judge anyone else for "finishing" a marathon in whatever way they can propel themselves across the finish line, whether it be walking, crawling, etc. All marathon finishes are notable in their own regard.


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