Barefoot Rick's Psycho Night 10K Trail Run Report - August 8, 2008

There is something rather juvenile about running through the woods at night time. I don't mean that in a negative way, but in reminiscence of hot, summer nights and playing with my friends in woods that bordered our neighborhood. I remember playing games that always involved running, like Hide and Seek or Freeze Tag. I think that is why I like the Psycho Night 10K Run so much. It is just such a fun time of running through the woods, up and over hills and slopping through mud. What makes it even better is that it is perfectly dark except for the hint of moon and the flashlight or headlamp that is required for the run.

This was my second year running this trail event. Last year, it was 90 degrees at the start. Needless to say, we were drenched at the finish. This year, it was 15 degrees cooler and with much less humidity.

The race started at about 8:15 p.m. By the time we were a couple of miles into the race, headlamps and flashlights were dotting the trail. The effervescence of the LED lights helped light the way ahead as we all moved toward the lights going on before us. In many sections, the trail was packed dirt. Often, however, I had to slow down and feel my way through rocks and tree roots as the soles of my feet tested the trail surfaces. In many places, there was nice, squishy mud and pools of muddy water to run through. Just the recipe for a barefoot runner who is not worried about having one of his shoes sucked off by the deep mud! One guy said, "You have the right equipment to be running through this muck."

Toward the end, I was slowing up considerably and feeling my way down the steep rock-laden trails in the dark. My flashlight was dimming and I didn't want to take any unnecessary risks. I ended up finishing the 10K distance 5 minutes slower than last year at 1:12:51. Maybe a year older, and a little more cautious. I just wanted to have a good time running the trails and remain unscathed, which I did. As I mentioned at the beginning, the fascination for me with this race is not trying to win or to compete, but being a part of a group of trail runners that are just out there possibly recapturing some of the childhood fun that we once enjoyed as youths. In short, I believe all would agree with me that it was a blast!


(L to R) Suzie Scheer and daughters, BR, Margaret Hill


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