Barefoot Rick's Teri Mathis Zenner Memorial 4 Miler - June 16, 2007

First of all, I would like to thank Larry Kutscher for the complimentary registration once again this year. I ran this run on its inaugural in 2005 and was not able to attend last year because of a marathon commitment. (Larry is a great guy that worked with Teri Mathis Zenner in the Social Work field before her brutal murder by one of her clients.)

So, I was looking forward to running this event once again this year. I got up in plenty of time, drank a cup of coffee, checked my email and headed out the door. I get to 151st Street in south Overland Park Kansas and don't see Heritage Park anywhere along 151st. For good reason, because it is actually off Pflumm Road. I was several minutes late because of my faulty tracking then back-tracking. When I finally did show up, of course everyone had already started. I started running when I got close to the start line and yelled to Larry, "Hey, I would've been here earlier but they moved Heritage Park since the last time I was here". He laughed as I hit my Garmin on button to record my own time in an unofficial manner.

After a few minutes I passed the "anchor walkers", you know those who are in last place and are having the time of their lives just walking and chatting. I cruised by them like they were standing still! Hah! Then, more walkers and more walkers. Lots of folks were saying "hi" and I was trying to chat as good as I could with still trying to run a half way respectable time.

I really wasn't pushing myself and knew this would be a personal worst for a 4 mile race, but I did want to run sub-8 minute pace. It isn't an easy course, with a couple of good size hills. The last half a mile is across the dam area and then finally across the dam to the finish line. Dick Ross, from was there to snap my picture as he has done so faithfully for so many of us at so many Kansas City area races. Thanks Dick!


Finish time - unofficial - was 31:34 (7:54 pace). I'll take it, as it was my first race since the Run for the Summit 5K in May and a determiner how my hip flexor would do since I have had some low-grade pain up until recently. Fortunately, it felt fine and still feels fine as I write this.

After the race, saw my buddy John Dietrich, Mr. 50 State Marathon Questor, and was delighted to see Sarah Winter who is presently in the Kansas City Police Academy (Sarah and her father Jeff ran their first marathon at the Gobbler Grind last November. Didn't stick around too long as I needed to get home to take care of some chores that needed my attention.

Overall, a nice time even if I didn't really race anyone except for myself. Sometimes, those can be redemptive in their own right as I only have to set and complete a goal just for me.

Having a Blessed Barefoot Blast,

Barefoot Rick

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