Barefoot Rick's Trolley Run 4 Miler Report - April 29, 2007

About the Trolley Run
The Trolley Run is the largest 4-mile race in the United States and has a reputation for its fast, flat-to-downhill course. The Trolley Run holds the female and male 4-mile American Best Times, making it the fastest course in the U.S.!

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This year's Trolley Run did not disappoint, once again, for being a fast course for this barefoot runner and hundreds if not thousands of others (actually, 7034 at this year's race!). A beautiful sunny Sunday morning in Kansas City with temps in the high 50s. I sat with David Estes (a co-worker) on the shuttle from the Plaza to the Waldo area. Thousands were already gathered at 75th and Wornall Rd. when we stepped off the shuttle bus at 7:15 a.m. I was in the first wave (red wave) which was scheduled to start at 7:45, so off to find the porta-potties for some pre-race business.

Lined up with the "fast guys and gals" Scott Jacobson, reporter from the KC Star Magazine article came over to say howdy. His wife Jocelyn was lined up with the blue wave and with so many there today it was a good chance I would not be able to her "hi" (which is what happened).

We were off and running at 7:45. Many hundreds ran on ahead of me, as I tried to fall into somewhere around a 7 minute pace. The first couple of miles had a couple of small hiccups (up hills, I mean) but very small hills that were quickly a memory. The last couple of miles down Brookside we were flying and I was able to run pretty fast and still engage some of the spectators with some of my wry remarks as well as just saying "hi" to lots of folks. I was encouraging those around me the last quarter of a mile to kick it in and not to let this old barefoot guy beat them. I slapped a bunch of hands as I was coming through the finisher's chute at 27:38! A course record for me!

Good to see several folks from previous races as well as others who introduced themselves for the first time. Overall, a very enjoyable, "fast" time in Kansas City on a beautiful Sunday morning!


76 Barefoot-Rick Roeber 361/7034 18/203 311/3086 27:38 6:56


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