Terri Mathis-Zenner Memorial 4 Miler
May 7, 2005

Terri Zenner was a social worker that was brutally killed by one of her clients here in the KC area back in 2004. A memorial fund was established that, among other things, provides scholarships for those aspiring to the mental health field. I had met Larry Kutscher, a colleague of Teri's at the Run for Mercy 5K a few weeks ago. He emailed me a few days after this race and asked if I would like to run in Teri's race (non-gratis). I gladly accepted the opportunity.

A nice morning in Olathe Kansas. Weather was in the low 60s. My legs were still feeling the effect of the Boston Marathon from 3 weeks ago because I have kept my mileage up around 50 miles a week in lieu of the Olathe Marathon on May 21. This was my first time (and only 2nd lifetime 4 mile race) running this distance barefoot, so I knew that it would be a personal best barefoot run!

I held back, some, and just cruised along, talking to other racers and engaging the spectators.

Final time was 28:54 (7:13 pace). I ended up in 21st place. Regarding age group, I came in 7th with really no chance for an AG award since they were broke out in 10 year increments. My previous 4 miler was a few years ago at a 28:03 so I was pretty happy with the result of 28:54.

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