Race For The Future 5K - October 8, 2005

Time: 21:07
Pace: 6:49
AG Place: 5th

I really enjoy this race each year. Didn't get to make it last year due to running the Long Beach Marathon. Race morning was bright, clear, and cool. I checked the temps at 7:30 before I went to do a warm-up mile ... 40 degrees. I chose to wear one of my long-sleeved Boston shirts and went and ran a leisurely mile at a 9:30 pace. When I got back, runners were lining up at the start line. I tossed my long-sleeved shirt in the truck and wore my sleeveless coolmax shirt and a pair of black running shorts. The pavement felt nice and cool as I stood around waiting for the race to start, chatting with a few folks I knew and others I didn't. The latter were inquiring about barefoot running which I obliged them with the "hows" and "whys" of how I do it. Still was experiencing a bit of a cough from a bout with bronchitis earlier in the week. The antibiotics had helped a lot and I was feeling much better (probably a combination of working a wicked schedule the past few weeks, running the KC Marathon a couple of weeks ago, and feeling generally run-down).

The race started at 8 a.m. sharp. The first quarter mile was uphill onto Ward Road. Ward Road is all cement ... ahhhh! Love it! Nice and smooth. I fell into a good pace, around 6:50, which I maintained throughout the 5K distance. After 2 miles, we were back on the Lee's Summit West High School property, where we started. We wound down along some asphalt trails and then headed into the stadium and around the track for the finish. BJ, the announcer, has made a big deal out of announcing me as the barefoot runner the past few races which is nice. Crossed the finish line with a time of 21:07.

I hung around for the awards thinking maybe I had a shot at 3rd place AG. Mark Curp, one time half-marathon world record holder, runs this race every year. I asked him if he won, but he said he came in second. Darn! Mark is 47 and in my age category and I knew he was not the only stiff competition I had. Anyway, I hung out and chatted with him and others until the awards. Mark won 1st place AG with a time of 16:??. I ended up in 5th place AG. Oh well! It's like I told him, that I was glad to be 50 in December to be in another AG. Maybe I could have some AG success once again.

Overall, I enjoy this race very much. I have ran it several times placing in my AG a couple of those runnings. It is a chance to see a lot of people I know from the community and to enjoy the running fellowship.

Thanks for reading,

Barefoot Rick

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