Amy Thompson Run To Daylight 8K - May 30, 2005


This is the fourth time I've ran this race. The first year, back in the early '90s, it was a five mile distance. The past several years it has been a 5K and a 8K ... take your pick. The last 3 times I have ran it, I have opted for the 8K. This year, I ran my 2nd fastest time on this course, beating my shod race time of three years ago by 28 seconds!

This is a well-attended race since the 8K is part of the Mid-America Running Association's Grand Prix Racing Series. Got to talk to a few folks I knew (and some I didn't know) before the race, mostly about barefoot running.

The course is a nicely paved asphalt course that winds through the mid-town area south of the Plaza in KC. It starts and ends in Loose Park, site of a locally famous Civil War battle. We started directly at 8 a.m. I think I was averaging about a 6.5 minute pace the first mile. There were several youngsters racing and as I passed some of them I chided them, telling them, "C'mon you're not going to let a 49 year old barefoot runner beat you are you?" That got some of them to laugh. Others just looked at me incredulously!

The last 200 yards are up hill and I hit the finish line at 34:21 (6:56 pace). Awards were not to be announced until around 10:30 a.m., so I went for another 4 mile run. By the time I got back, it was clear that there were some problems with the results. They told us to head home, that the results would be posted on MARA later.

Side note: I will continue to sign up for races as either "Barefoot Roeber" (as I did this time) or "Barefoot-Rick Roeber". For one thing, it allows barefoot runners like myself to be easily identified in the results list. Also, it will add to search engine results (like Google) when folks are trying to find info on barefoot running. The below link is how my results show up:

Results (Male 45-49)

Here is a brief race history of mine at the Amy Thompson Run:

Date                Time            Pace    AG Place

5/28/2001    32:25:00     6:32         4
5/27/2002    34:49:00     7:02         12
5/30/2005     34:21:00     6:56         6


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