There Once Was A Runner Named Stu


There once was a runner named Stu,
Who really did not have a clue,
But he kept persevering,
Cause Stu kept on hearing,
About the next remarkable shoe.

Stu's running took a bad turn,
Through injuries, he couldn't quite learn,
New shoes weren't his solution,
They were an AD man's pollution,
To buy their product, they did yearn.

But one day, Stu did discover,
The truth he began to uncover,
That to run without shoes,
He had nothing to lose,
But from his injuries to recover.

Stu started, slow at the start,
In time, from his shoes he did part,
He has never looked back,
Continuing on track,
Barefooting is close to his heart.

Now Stu runs barefoot each day,
And he talks about it this way,
"I am having such fun,
On all of my runs,
What more, or less can I say?


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