Barefoot Running Acceptance By The Masses

I have a theory about barefoot running acceptance. I'm thinking that coastal barefoot running is more widely accepted because of the proximity to beaches, warmer climates, etc. Here in the midwest, it seems there is less acceptance of barefoot running because people's logic would dictate that since there are no soft surfaces such as beach, sand, and warmth then it is unacceptable to participate in something that you could only do seasonally. What really throws folks' perceptions is when they see someone like myself out barefoot running in winter weather. It just does not add up to them. Barefoot
running becomes harder to accept by those who don't understand when more variables such as surfaces and weather are factors. At times, I think it makes them angry because it goes against their understanding and their mores.

Sometimes, it seems that I get the most negative vibes and comments from runners. It's like they can't understand or refuse to understand the logic behind barefoot running, so they choose to get angry or to hurl a negative remark. It's almost like if they acknowledged that BF running might be an alternative then they would somehow have to evaluate it as a possibility for themselves. Are they trying to measure themselves, as a shod runner to a barefoot runner? Are they trying to compute whether the same effort at an 8 minute pace for both would somehow be regarded as a more superior effort for the barefoot runner? I have a rather objective running friend who has mentioned to me the possiblity that shod runner's anger comes from the inability to measure themselves with a barefoot effort since, in their opinion, barefoot running would be harder or even impossible.

Things to ponder.

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