Life is a Journey

Life is a journey, not a race. To regard it as anything different will only lead to disappointment. Paul said, "Run the race in such a way as to win" to the Corinthians. Of course, he was talking to Greeks and Hellenistic Jews of that day who were very familiar with the bi-yearly Olympic games held in Corinth (not to be confused with the games every four years in Athens). So, what was Paul suggesting? Did his admonition mean mankind must struggle to be first in everything in life? That the olive branch crown received as a first place winner of the games was an indicative metaphor of how life should be pursued? Not hardly, in this writer's opinion. However, it was meant to have a deeper meaning -- to strive to finish the race in such a way as to have eternal worth.

I once heard David Wilkerson, author of "The Cross and the Switchblade" speak on the subject of lust and greed. Most folks think of sexual perversion when they think of lust. Wilkerson, however, had an interesting definition for lust -- "I want IT and I want it now". The implication is that IT can be anything. A good example of this is the Proverb writer stating that fire is one those things that will never say "Enough!" There is always more and more to consume, as long as it is fed. Wilkerson went on talking about lust saying, when is it ever satiated? If success, for instance, is good then more success is better, and more is even better than that and so on. You get the picture. There is no end and it will never say "Enough".

I quit "racing" the running events I enter a couple of years ago. I believe that God allows me to enjoy barefoot running and to enjoy the "journey". It's not about winning anymore (although one could argue that since I am usually the only barefoot runner, I always finish first and last in that respect) but more about who and what I am during the journey. It is always fun for me to talk about barefoot running along the way with others, or to encourage someone to keep going. "Inch by Inch it's a Cinch!", I tell them. "Mile by Mile, it's a trial"! I like to encourage them by saying "You can't let this 51 year old barefoot guy pass you up! C'mon!" That usually gets them to smile or laugh and they many times kick it in gear and pass me up. I just smile as I see them heading on their way.

So, how does God teach you about your journey? For me, it is my running and more pointedly my barefoot running. Are we so consumed about the finish that we have not considered the journey for some time now? I am not implying that I have a constant focus on the journey, myself. I fall incredibly short some days and have to ask again for guidance on what's really important.

God has been so good to me. He has allowed me this little distraction in life, namely barefoot running. The irony is that what may seem like foolishness in some people's eyes is one of the Lord's main instructive tools in my life. Today, I thank God for the journey I am on and only wish to cross the finish line when he calls!

Having a blessed blast!

Barefoot Rick

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