Focus On The "Do's" And Not The "Don'ts"

I heard that a long time ago, and it still applies to all areas of life, especially in our case, for barefoot running.

"Practice the "do's" in life and you won't have to worry about the "don'ts"."

If I concentrate on the "do's", like bent knees, light arm swing, running from my "haunches" (or your butt, if you like), and staying close to the ground (low center of gravity), then my runs go well. If I focus on just a small part of my running (e.g. ball/heel strike), then I forget about all the other mechanics that will naturally force or compel proper footstrike.

For me, it all starts in my mid-section and works its way down to my footstrike. Without proper hip flexor, leg movement, arm movement, my footstrike becomes stilted or sloppy. But, when I pay attention to my lower body movement (doing the "do's") then my feet follow, happily I might add.

This is a nice little excerpt from

Happy Feet

Your feet are happiest when they are not wearing any shoes at all. Why is that? It's because your weight is evenly distributed across the whole foot and no particular part takes the strain more than any other. It's obvious, then, that the next best thing for your feet besides being barefoot, are flat shoes or sneakers. After that, the higher the heel, the more strain you are putting on your feet, and if you wear really high heels, all your weight will be thrown forward onto your toes. This results in too much pressure exerted on the front of the foot and you risk developing a bunion.

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