Binge Barefoot Running?

I think I am on a writing binge.

Seems I have been a binger all my life. When I smoked, I would binge for several months and then quit for long periods of time. Drinking alcohol followed the same pattern, often with disastrous results. Now, it seems like I have put all my obsessive-compulsive behavior towards barefoot running which has turned out to be a two year binge (on top of the 13 year, on again off again binge of regular shod running). Not sure if two years qualifies as a binge, probably more of lifestyle change by definition. This got me thinking, so what is a binge? When binge is Googled, the following is one of the definitions:

orgy: any act of immoderate indulgence

Hmmmm ... so, what about "orgy" (that conjurs up some images, eh folks?)? Well, besides the obvious sexual conotation, here's what the Googler states:

any act of immoderate indulgence; "an orgy of shopping"; "an emotional binge"; "a splurge of spending"

These generalizations have a bit of negative implication. Seems as if they imply these are manic manifestations of otherwise normal activities, feelings, etc. Very possibly "an orgy of shopping" might result in regrets and a stop by the merchandise return counter the next day. An "emotional binge" might result in asking forgiveness from the unfortunate benefactors.

So, could my barefoot running be regarded as a binge? I suppose so if I had regrets about it afterward. Retrospectively speaking, the only regret I have is not trying it before two years ago. I have some regrets about my shod running -- I regretfully remember the injuries I incurred by overdoing it in shoes. My sloppy form led to knee problems, achilles tears, shin splints, and a general disatisfaction for the activity I loved so much.

With that said, maybe I'm cured! That means barefoot running, for me, has never been a binge but instead a great lifestyle change that has resulted in no regrets only a pleasant history of memories up to where I am today.

Which leads me back to my writing binge. Do I have any regrets for writing this along with other recent submissions? Nope. That would lead me to believe that I am not on a writing binge, but very possibly I am reawakening the need to write (my degree was in journalism/creative writing). Or, am I in denial and someday I will reread this stuff and think, "My God, I owe these people an apology!"

Don't count on it!

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