The Bare Soul - September 9, 2007
What is Truth?

Here are a couple of irrefutable truths about barefoot running.

  1. If you over stride, you will hit your heel which will lead to knee problems.
  2. If you don't pick your feet up when you run, you will blister your feet.

Most folks don't have any problem understanding most cause and effect reasoning. In many cases, these are like immutable laws that will happen as a matter of changing events. Call it the Law of Reciprocity or Karma or "reaping what one sows", however they are pretty much all the same cause and effect scenarios. We don't have any problem with knowing about certain laws written into nature that say the sun will surely rise in the east and set in the west, or that certainly it will get cold this winter here in the Heartland. These are laws that we generally take for granted, but are nonetheless still laws.

I remember hitchhiking home from bible college in the late 70s and getting a ride from a fellow that looked every bit the part of what most folks would stereotype as a west coast hippy. Beside the fact of what he looked like, he was a genuinely nice guy that I very much enjoyed conversing with for a couple of hundred miles. This fellow, however, was a staunch Buddhist. I shared my faith with him and he shared his with me. He believed, unequivocally, that the Gospel was my truth and would certainly come true for me because I believed it. He believed, as Buddhists do, that there are "many roads to Rome" and that heaven can be experienced in any number of ways both in this life and the life to come. One must only believe and their own reality will be truth for them. Buddha was not the only proponent of this "belief", but has also been perpetuated by others such as Diogenes and more recently Nietzsche (Nihilism).

The only thing wrong with this thinking and believing is the overt demonstration by God of his universal laws that are written into nature itself. The Psalmist stated in Psalm 19:1 that "The heavens are telling of the glory of God". The very fact that the stars and the planets are governed my laws of orbit and gravities respective of their suns and moons tells me that there are irrefutable laws written into nature and creation. Why or how could I be so arrogant as to believe that God does not reveal the truth of his Gospel and how to be saved through the Lord Jesus Christ? One only has to look to the seasons to see the Gospel story of death (autumn), burial (winter), and resurrection (springtime) to understand that the Lord God Almighty has written His wonderful redemption story into the seasons of the year that we all are partakers.

Truth is truth, simple and sure. There is not any relativity to truth. If God's laws govern our material world, how much more the spiritual world that He rules in and wishes for us to experience? The enemy of our souls will always seek to delude us into thinking that there are "lots" of different truths and that we only need to accept the brand that best fits our life. The Proverbs state, "There is a way that seems to a man, but that way ends in death". Nearly 2,000 years ago, Pilate asked the question of the Lord Jesus: "What is truth?" I am convinced that Pilate, today in his place in eternity, has no doubt of the reality of truth's definition.

Your Humble Barefoot Servant!

Barefoot Rick

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