The Bare Soul - September 2, 2007
Watch Your Step!

A balanced "watchfulness" regarding one's surroundings is very important to a barefoot runner. If I am continually looking down, it could be dangerous at intersections if I just assume that drivers will yield. Then, again if I am always looking around and not paying attention to my foot placement, this also could lead to problems like stepping on something "unsavory" or tripping over a curb or any number of other things related to this type of presumptive barefoot running. Same can be said for looking up and taking in the weather (although this can be an important observation at particular times). That could be a double-whammy (e.g. traffic, stumbling, stepping on sharp objects, etc.). The best thing to do when barefoot running is to consciously notice my surroundings and to react accordingly. I remember when I ran with shoes, it was not so important that I look down as much. With barefoot running, however, one needs t be checking constantly the "choice" of their foot plant.

In the same way, we all make daily choices regarding our daily lives. We can either choose to go about life irrespective of our own spiritual condition, not to mention that of others. We can invariably stumble along blindly until that fateful day when we land flat on our proverbial faces and wonder what the heck happened. What is even more tragic is if that fateful day never comes until we stand before our Lord and we need to give an account of why we were apathetic toward both ourselves and the plight of others?

As with running, and especially barefoot running, there are some simple things to do to ensure that we are not surprised either in this life or the one to come. There is some basic "directional" thinking that will inevitably change our hearts and our lives if we submit to Jesus. May God lead us by these simple prayers:

Downward - Lord, I am but dust that will one day return to the dust. Keep me humble so that I may know that I am not YOU and that I can only rise to meet you in my daily life as I accept Your extended hand.

Outward - Lord, as you lead me by the hand in my daily walk (and runs!) help me to extend my hand to others and pull them onward and upward toward you!

Upward - Lord, that we would find times of refreshing and fellowship in Your awesome presence! That your love, mercy, and grace would send us to our knees and DOWNWARD once again to experience a deeper dimension of Your wonderful, redeeming blood that was shed on the cross!

If we are watchful and desirous to do these simple things, the enemy of our souls will not find an opportunity to trip us up. After all, the scripture does say that he prowls about as a roaring lion, seeking souls that he may devour. Jesus wants to teach us to be vigilant and watchful at all times, preserving our own souls and rescuing others that would most assuredly stumble without our help.

Your Humble Barefoot Servant!

Barefoot Rick

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