The Bare Soul - August 5, 2007
A Plea for Rescue

When I put the "plug in the jug" more than 15 years ago, I finally had the opportunity to start growing up! I had experienced living on the streets for a time and knew of the heartache and loneliness of this existence. Even though I was 36 years old when I sobered up, I was still a child in many ways. Alcohol had alienated me from both my family and from God, stunting my growth as a man. Alcoholic as I was, the deeper condition of my soul was that I was an unrepentant sinner that needed to humble myself to both God and my fellow man and to make restitution by becoming a responsible citizen, father, and later, husband to my now dear wife.

Every day in the news, we hear of the great losses and turmoil as young men lose their lives in the inner cities of our nation. Fathers have abandoned them so they know no other life than to abandon themselves to their "friends" on the streets. Others are lost in a world of alcohol and/or drugs and become the "waste" of our society. So many families could be restored if these young and old men alike were given a feeling of hope -- that redemption might give these men a sense of God's purpose for their lives.

The power of the Lord Jesus Christ is no different now than when He changed my heart 15 years ago. He is still longing to change the hearts of men, and ultimately the hearts of all who touch these changed men's lives. I am asking you to prayerfully consider helping Soles For Souls reach out to these men through the Kansas City Rescue Mission. While I choose to go barefoot in my running and much of my recreational life, many men that have been discarded by our society don't have the choice as to what to wear, for most of what they own is on their person 24/7. KCRM provides an oasis of hope to these who have despaired of any redemption, to find the love of God through a hot meal, some second-hand clothing, and a bed to sleep in.

Please go to the attached link to learn how you can help. Please join with me in prayer to bring attention to homeless men in Kansas City (and the world) as I prepare to run barefoot the Omaha, Kansas City, and finally the New York City Marathon on November 4. With your help, we can truly make the difference in the hearts of men and their families.

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God bless you for your prayers and gifts!

Your Blessed Barefoot Servant!

Barefoot Rick

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