The Bare Soul - August 28, 2011
Songs of Deliverance

Psalm 32:7 - You are my hiding place; You preserve me from trouble; you surround me with songs of deliverance. Selah.

Ever notice how effective music is to transport us from one place to another at a moment's notice? Music has this uncanny ability to work emotionally with both our senses and our memories to recreate specific times when particular songs may have meant a lot to us. My most poignant memories of when and how music felt monumentally important to me was in my later teen years. When I hear certain songs from the early 1970s, they transport me back to a place of strong recollection. Not only can I remember precise things I was doing, but I can also recall certain smells and sounds. Music certainly has a powerful ability that allows us to relate emotionally with a past event in our respective lives. I believe that is why music is so important to young people -- it helps to define both their individuality and their present culture. Likewise, I believe that is why music is so important to both the powers of darkness and the Kingdom of Light. Both understand that there is power to enslave and set free in both the melody and the lyrics. This has been the case throughout man's history and even before, when Lucifer rebelled against his Maker in the heavenlies (Isaiah 14:9-11). Throughout history, we have seen the constant struggle regarding who would successfully lead humankind in worship of their god. In these last days, there is probably no other tool that the enemy uses with greater affect. However, the Lord is the creator of music and will always command a greater supremacy over melody and lyrics. As we shall see, Satan can create nothing, but only mimics the Holy One's creation. Music is no exception.

Whether we realize it or not, there are songs that surround us continually. The devil seeks to pump into our earthly senses melodic cacophonies that will lead to our destruction. The obvious are songs that have devilish lyrics that talk about drugs, murder, rape, and any other heinous crime one can imagine. Most people would see the logic to steer clear of this type of "entertainment," because it blatantly idolizes those things in our society that are not acceptable. However, what about more seemingly benign music? While other genres may not be giving direct "glory to hell," in the same regard they give no glory to God either. Many would say that they don't see a problem with this. Many believe that they should be able to listen to music purely for their own edification and not have to classify it in a particular religious camp, whether it be born in hell or heaven. While many may not like hearing this, music, just like anything else, is either born from above or is counterfeited from below. That is why it is critically important to be very careful regarding what we allow to become emotionally charged within our own souls. As mentioned previously, music surrounds us continually. It's our decision what melodies we allow to become part of us. David knew this a musician and a psalmist. He probably understood how music is a tangible and free-floating in the spiritual realm. Possibly King David understood that many of the inspired words and music of his psalms were merely eternal expressions of the glory of God. What if he just helped himself to God's spectrum of praise in the heavenlies through his musical gift? How much more would the enemy also try to mislead others in the same way! As I write this, there are hundreds of thousands and possibly millions of songs being broadcast over the airwaves at this very moment. How are these souls allowing themselves to be surrounded by this music? Are their spirits being lifted up to God or being dragged down to the pit? It all depends on the music's origin and the intent of the receiver.

I've often thought about the eternal responsibility of those who fill the airwaves and now the internet with various genres of music. My hope is that Christian radio DJs would know they are providing a ministry to the body of Christ that leads believers into the presence of the Lord. This is a very real expression of worship leading. However, in the same regard, I have often considered how other secular DJs and radio programmers have been leading a very different worship. At best, their "worship" often centers on a narcissistic, self-centered approach to life that hinges on fulfillment through the love of self or to another. This is not a bad thing, to be soulfully committed to romantic love. However, it is hellish if it is not through God's leading. At secular music's worst, is how radio personalities will flirt with transgressing what is permissible through the Federal Communication Commission's mandate of so-called decency. Shock jocks will often take morality to the precipice of acceptability and then mock those who would prevent them from going further. These devilish "worship leaders" have surrounded the souls of their on-air and on-line congregations with sensuality and emotional fervor manufactured in the depths of Hades. It's no wonder that the majority of our youth continue their downward spire as the spirit of this age surrounds, seduces, and inevitably suffocates them with the darkness of godless music.

Even though it would often appear that the Babylon of our age has drowned out the heavenly choruses, God continues to raise up those (like David) who have an understanding concerning the spiritual domain and the ability to wage war against the enemy in song (Psalm 149:6). What was true 3,000 years ago in the time of David is still the case in the 21st century. Some would argue that the indwelling of the Holy Spirit allows us a greater measure of discernment and authority than those Old Covenant saints.  Nonetheless, it is clear that God continues to surround those who trust in Him with songs born in heaven as our lead verse states. Of even more importance, these are songs of deliverance that embody the salvation of the Lord. Just as there are many today that are being overcome through the hopelessness of music born in hell, there are those who are rising from strength to strength through spiritually-charged songs of victorious warfare. As previously stated, music is all around us. Whether it is coming over our radios, through the internet, or in some other subtle (or not-so-subtle manner), our souls are feeding on it constantly. It is our choice to be nourished by the manna of melodic music from heaven, where we can return our praise to Jesus Christ for all He has done. Or, we can choose to be spiritually starved by the media of the malcontent. His only long term goal is to drag as many down the highway to hell as possible. Through his effective use of music, he sways millions to dance to his tune. As believers, it is our responsibility to allow God's collective chorus to resound throughout the earth by recognizing that His praise surrounds us. As we gain more understanding of how He desires us to fill the earth with His praise, then we can join together in faith to bring His kingdom to earth through His praise. May we all join with the heavenly choirs, even while in our earthly home, to bring heaven once again to this needy world. Praise the Lord!

Lord Jesus, may we join with You in praise. May we lift our voices in faith and praise Your Father for His goodness. Let the songs that surround us become a swelling chorus of joy and gratitude as You prepare to reclaim this earth. In Your precious Name, Amen.

Your Barefoot Servant,




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