The Bare Soul - July 14, 2013
The Depths of God's Wisdom

Job 42:5-6 - I have heard of You by the hearing of the ear; but now my eye sees You. Therefore I retract, and I repent in dust and ashes.

For Job, his greatest vindication from the onslaught of his friends came when God revealed Himself in the thirty-eighth chapter. As the Lord spoke to this small gathering of men, His wisdom became evident as He instructed them of His creation and its complexity. God's discourse in this chapter concerning how He set the stars in the sky, to His wisdom regarding all the living creatures He created in subsequent chapters, reveals to us how things can not be calculated merely with knowledge. God's wisdom far surpasses anything we might think we know about Him. His desire was to show Job and friends the foolishness of trying to calculate the ways of His Almighty power. In His foreknowledge, He knew this encounter would not only set Job and his friends straight, but it would continue to set the bar for countless others who would seek to wrestle meaning out of God's plans for mankind.

To say that one knows God is to say little regarding actually knowing His depths. We can certainly understand Him from His written word. However, to understand how God causes all things to work together for good for those who love Him and are called according to His purposes is often perplexing at best (Romans 8:28). For instance, how can the death of a child (Job experienced the loss of many children) be in someone's best interest? How can something like this work for good? Those of us who are counselors have no doubt listened to a grieving mother and father express sentiments regarding their loss. While this is definitely not the time to use this verse to try to help ease pain, the same concept might also be couched in patient listening. Often, people don't want us to offer them a scripture. They just want us to listen. This is how they begin to make sense of the sovereignty of God. Simply having the knowledge of God's ways do not mean we possess the wisdom of His ways. These come through not only "the hearing of the ear" (knowledge), but are perfected by eyes that see (wisdom).

Knowledge is definitely not the same as wisdom. While the former may lead to the latter, there is no guarantee this will occur without God and how He chooses to reveal Himself. When we finally start to understand the Lord in a particular area, it becomes a wisdom epiphany that often changes our entire paradigm of belief. For instance, we might tell ourselves that we must be more patient with others. However, until God starts working that part of His character through us, we have only known it in concept. The reality of God is always demonstrated in action.

Repentance will always result in returning to our source. Since our flesh and bone are made from the dust, we might revert to "dust and ashes" as Job did in our new found awareness. (This might manifest figuratively or possibly even literally, depending on our religious practices.) If nothing else, we may bow low and prostrate ourselves under His revelation. Even as our body relates to its origin, our soul will fall toward God as its source. Much like the law of gravity will always take effect when a weighted object is dropped, we too will return to our Center which is God when we allow His law of love to enlighten our knowledge with His wisdom.

Plainly, the more we know God, the more we should understand how little of God we actually comprehend. However, knowledge can often be that great catalyst that reveals God's wisdom. That is the difference between us and the world. That was also the difference between Job and his friends. We must allow our knowledge to become substantive through a humble mind and spirit. Then, as it is demonstrated to a lost world, it can become the very thing that provides an epiphany to those who otherwise would have no hope.

Father, we ask You to allow our hearts to not only hear Your word, but to see how You lovingly cause it to work for wonders in the hearts of all mankind. Grant us insight through our desire for You and Your wisdom. Establish the fear of the Lord within our hearts so that we might know You more fully now and forevermore. In Jesus' Name, Amen.

Your Barefoot Servant,



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