The Bare Soul - May 2, 2010
The Father's Will

Matthew 6:10 - Your kingdom come Your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.

Many of us have been present at the reading of a last will and testament. It is generally a time of sadness but also expectancy regarding what the deceased will bequeath to family or friends. Generally, there are no surprises because more times than not, a father or a mother will leave the inheritance to the children. While a will is usually a legal document that is binding in civil court, there is another type of will that is binding in the Court of Heaven. The intent of the Author of this will gave us the legal implications of this contract in His Holy Bible, as inspired by those who penned its pages. For throughout this glorious compilation of books, we find a very simple reoccurring theme of the Father's will which is to live selfless, dependent lives on Him. We are allowed a glimpse into this God-designed utopia of constant fellowship with the Almighty as shown in Genesis the second chapter. God's intent was that humankind would never function outside of God's will. The will of man and woman would always be fused with the the will of the Father so there would never be a break in sweet communion between man and his Maker. However, we know that Adam and Eve chose to disobey and to allow their will to grow to monstrous size (rather than "God-sized") by partaking in the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. Even as the first man and woman's soul became "enlightened", so they broke communion with God forever. Thereafter, redemption of Adam and all his offspring became the thrust of God's will. And, without God's desire to redeem,  souls of humankind could never become wiling participants in God's eternal plan.

Redemption has always been in the heart of God toward all mankind. It has forever been the will of the Father that none should perish but that all would be saved (II Peter 3:9). Even though He knew that Adam and Eve would transgress, His great plan of reconciliation was continually in the forefront of His desire. His ultimate desire is that His will would be once again supreme upon the earth. That even as when man and woman first walked this orb in complete submission to God, there would once again be a people that would walk totally after His heart. When Jesus taught His disciples to pray in the sixth chapter of Matthew, He knew the overarching desire of His Father -- to have a "kingdom come" with multitudes given to do only the will of the Father. In reality, God's kingdom that will indeed fill the earth once again cannot and will not be divorced of the will of God. It is impossible to suggest that willful, selfish individuals given to fortifying their own souls will be part of this glorious priesthood (Exodus 19:6; Revelation 1:6; Revelation 5:10). So, why do so many Christians believe that they can live for themselves and yet still call Him "Lord"? If it will be impossible for sin and self-centeredness to dwell in His presence in His "kingdom come" to this earth or likewise in heaven, then why do many think they can live the way they wish and still consider themselves saved? It is a travesty and a mockery of God to believe that someone can live according to their will yet name the Name of Jesus as their Savior.

As already stated, it has never been the intention of the Father for any to perish but for all to accept the Lord Jesus as their Savior. It is equally as true that all who do not follow the will of the Father to make Jesus Lord of their lives are in danger of willful rejection of the greatest gift of all time. Why do so many judge that acceptance of Christ is the only requirement for eternal life? Frankly, it is because so many in the church have not driven home the point that either Jesus is "Lord of all or He's not Lord at all". This is not a popular position in many churches that smack of the Laodicean spirit that seeks to putrefy the Gospel of Christ (Revelation 3:14-17). No, it's much more fashionable in the western church to just accept all who have made a "decision" for Christ. Beloved, if no one has told you the truth in your Christian walk here it is -- if we are not dying to self for Christ's sake, we are not living for Him! If we have not turned over our wills and our lives to Him to allow God to live through us then we are deceived if we believe that we and the Father are of one will. If we have only hoped for Christ by showing up to church and acting "good", then we truly are to be pitied more than any (I Corinthians 15:19). God does not want cleaned-up religious folk, but He desires crucified men and women that have said to their Lord ... it is no longer I who live but Christ lives in me (Galatians 2:20). THAT is a return to the Garden and to a place of oneness of wills. No longer are we innocent as Adam by our sin, but we are made righteous by the crucified and resurrected life of Jesus Christ. Just as He lived and died to do the will of His Father (Matthew 26:42), so we too should seek to live dead to ourselves but alive to His will in us (Romans 6:11).

The Lordship of Jesus Christ and the will of the Father have always embodied the true Gospel. Anything less than giving of ourselves to Him totally in submission of our wills is sub-standard and heretical. Jesus paid the highest price by sacrificing Himself so that we could once again walk in that unbroken fellowship with His Father. I fear for many who do not recognize this as the normal Christian experience. To court the world and to rely upon one's own will in this life is dangerous if one believes they are one of Christ's. It is ludicrous to believe that the will of the Father will one day be ours if we live our whole lives in willful disobedience to His wooing. Just as a natural family member might be taken out of an earthly will, it may surprise some to find out that they were never part of the Heavenly Family in the first place. What they had counted on through years of sinful disobedience to the Lord of Glory, never did belong to them. May none reading this be those who say, "Lord, Lord" on that day when in their horror He states that He never knew them (Matthew 7:21-23). But let us be those who have lived to do His will, not loving our own lives even to death. For truly, our lives are worthless unless they are found worthy -- living lives of willful surrender to the one who is able to restore this earth even as He wills in heaven. Come, Lord Jesus, come!

Lord, our hearts are restless until they rest in You. Help us to surrender all our will, all our soul and spirit to You. Take and make us according to the image You desired long ago in Your first creation. In Jesus' Name, Amen.

Your Barefoot Servant,


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