The Bare Soul - April 17, 2011
Living Revelation

Matthew 17:9 - As they were coming down from the mountain, Jesus commanded them, saying, "Tell the vision to no one until the Son of Man has risen from the dead."

How often do we turn on the TV or hear a preacher on the radio talk about the latest dream or vision they've had in respect to their ministry. I don't doubt that many of these indeed may be receiving spiritual messages. (From which side of the supernatural spectrum, I am not here to judge.) However, it has always intrigued me to hear Christian leaders, as well as laypeople, relating a "message of God", for example, that they've received in a dream or a vision just the very night before. Now, don't get me wrong. I believe that the Lord God can and does reveal Himself through supernatural means such as dreams and visions. However, I'm always a bit hesitant to receive such revelations in folks where there is not much witness of the Lord Jesus ruling and reigning in their respective lives. Something seems awry when a person is talking about this sign from heaven or that particular thing the Lord has shown them, yet their lives suggest carnality that hasn't been brought under the Lordship of Jesus Christ. It's quite easy to go around spouting off what God is showing a person -- it is quite another to live it. Sometimes, the most humbling thing we can do as believers is to take those pearls of wisdom that He gives us and tuck them away as we ruminate and meditate further on their implication to us as well as others. Oftentimes, this shows a maturity of restraint, rather than an impulsiveness of the unbridled flesh.

In our lead verse, the disciples on that mountain reached an apex of revelation from the time they started following Jesus until that very day. God the Almighty Father set a drama before them with a "who's who" of Old Testament personalities -- Elijah the Prophet and Moses the Lawgiver. Furthermore, Jesus Himself was transfigured in their midst, causing the brilliance of glory to shine all about them. After this momentous epiphany of divine splendor and things had returned to normal, the Lord Jesus gave them a commandment regarding what they had just seen. He told them to "... Tell the vision to no one until the Son of Man has risen". It is not clear why He stated this command. However, one can speculate that it would have been extremely confusing to others if the disciples had tried to relate it. Possibly, the Lord in His wisdom knew that it would engender jealousy in the other disciples. Also, that it might further enrage the Pharisees to a point of frenzy where they would seek to kill Him at a sooner then desired time. It might also be speculated that He was jealously watching out for those who witnessed the miracle -- Peter, James, and John. In Christ's wisdom, He knew the disciples did not yet possess the right to share it because the revelation had not yet become living within them. They didn't yet understand that to share something of such magnificence meant that the Spirit of God must live within and must share it in His time. Then, it would come forth in due season, with the utmost humility, and bring forth the fruit or the results it was intended to produce. What first needed to occur in their lives was the cross, and then the resurrection. Not only for their Lord, but within themselves. Only as they died to their impulsiveness so characteristic of the carnal flesh, then the risen Lord could direct their lives through His Spirit within.

We also may have the opportunity to share a wonderful experience the Lord has shown us. However, we will be less likely to blurt it out if we are indeed "risen with Christ". What once was a point of puffed up pride that God has shown us a great revelation, has now become a quiet river of faith toward the the Great Revealer. We might remember that occasion that God gave us that great epiphany with a warm recollection, but are somewhat removed to merely sharing it at whim. There may sometimes be those situations and times where the revelation will indeed be just the thing another needs to hear. Then, by sharing that great thing the Lord has revealed can indeed be a bond of fellowship between the sharer and the receiver. What might have been a moment of needlessly casting our "pearls" before those who can't or won't relate, now has become an exact opportunity for the life of God to be shared amongst believers. Wisdom that is cast upon the unfriendly winds of this world will often come back to us as something soiled and disregarded from its intended recipients. However, a carefully spoken word at the precise moment can bring healing and restoration where there once was hopelessness and despair.

Living revelation is not merely knowledge, but it is wisdom from on high that has found a place to dwell within the mature of spirit. It is to be guarded and shared when the Lord speaks it through us, and not before. We will only experience more revelation as we are faithful with what He gives us. If we jealously guard those choice words, whether they come from dreams, visions, or however He decides to reveal Himself, then He will entrust us with more and will then allow us to use them as arrows that will truly find their mark at that opportune time. May we all guard our hearts, from out of them flow the springs of life (Proverbs 4:23). May we not abort the thing that God desires to birth in all who call on His name through presumption or our own impetuousness to share "our new secret". There are many great things He desires to share if we will be but faithful stewards of revelation. In time, these will become living revelations for both ourselves and others.

Heavenly Father, grant us ears to hear, eyes to see, and mouths surrendered to Your Lordship. May we take those things You share with us and treasure them in our hearts until You release them through Your wisdom. Help us to make what You reveal to us living revelation that will become aged like divine wine to help and sustain others. We pray this in Your Son's Name, the Lord Jesus Christ, Amen.

Your Barefoot Servant,




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