The Bare Soul - March 7, 2010
The Impossibility of Doubt

Mark 10:27 - Looking at them, Jesus said, " With people it is impossible, but not with God; for all things are possible with God."

Jesus drew a proverbial line in the sand when speaking to His disciples regarding what man could do compared with that of God. Impossibility, as it relates to faith, lies only in the realm of what the Lord is able to achieve and what people will fail to accomplish. The word "impossible" is mentioned only one time in the Old Testament and that was in reference to man making themselves like gods when constructing the Tower of Babel (Genesis 11:6-7). The Lord said that nothing would be impossible to mankind with their one tongue and combined knowledge. The mutual faith of humankind with a common goal was a direct confrontation to God. Humanistic thought of our present age states that we can return to that day before God confused the languages of the earth and achieve the seemingly impossible once again. However, as we know there is only one Creator while the devil only counterfeits God's creation. We were never meant to rely upon ourselves but to believe that by relying upon the Almighty, that all things were possible through faith.

While man can only achieve the possible, God will only move on man's behalf through seeming impossibility. While humankind can be bailed out through man's intervention, God will not lift a finger. And, so it should be. As God is the creator of all things, so He desires to display His omnipotence through His creative power. How can God demonstrate Himself through a situation that is rife with a possible human remedy? For example, God created medicine and doctors to assist with the healing arts. So, why would He heal someone if a person could just as easily visit a physician for their ailments? However, the impossibility of the situation might occur when the doctors have done all they can. Then, God can and often does step in if there is faith to invoke the seeming impossible. When man has exhausted all avenues of healing, then doubt of divine healing must either be broken or embraced. This is the point where God has us choose whether we will spend our faith on what mankind can muster, or instead look to the Divine Healer to create an impossible healing. A wonderful example of the impossibility of doubt is the paralytic that is healed as his bearers lowered him through the roof where Jesus was teaching. In Mark 2:1-12 we are told how four men carried the paralyzed man to see Jesus. Finding no way to get in to see the Healer, they open up a hole in the roof and lowered the man down in front of the Savior. Mark comments in verse 5 that Jesus saw their faith (Mark 2:5). The implication is that not only did the paralytic have faith but also those carrying him to Christ for healing. They had come into collective agreement that all was lost for their friend unless God moved on his behalf. Doubt, at that point, became an impossibility and God embraced their impossibility by providing for the man's divine healing.

As with the paralytic, the impossibility of doubt occurs when God moves beyond any possible explanation, creating a remedy that is conjoined in faith inexplicably between the Creator and the creature. There is such a oneness of trust, understanding, and Godly sympathy that erases any notion of doubt. At this juncture, the impossible has become humanly possible by the imbuing power of the Most High. Jesus stated to His disciples in Mark 11:23 an illustration of this dynamic of the faith of God. For a man to believe in his heart that a mountain could be cast into the sea by his spoken word, and it would happen, is to erase any doubt and make it an impossibility in the eyes of God (hint: impossible situations please our God!) Man cannot eradicate doubt anymore than he can create faith. It is a sovereign work of the Holy Spirit as He broods over a man's life. It is the target of the Lord to annihilate doubt by revealing the gift of faith within every believer. In a similar teaching, the disciples ask Jesus to increase their faith (Luke 17:5). The Lord goes on to explain that faith is not quantitative but qualitative! He states that if they possessed only faith the size of a mustard seed they would similarly cast a mulberry tree into the sea. A man's doubts may seem overshadowing and paralyzing compared to what the Lord requires the size of faith for a man to possess. However, once faith is seized upon, it consumes doubt and makes it an impossibility to dwell in the presence of God-ordained belief.

While many might speak about the possibilities of faith, many forget to mention the impossibilities of doubt once a man truly believes and rests all outcomes on the Lord's shoulders. Doubt becomes ludicrous and beyond comprehension to those who have relied upon the Almighty for the impossible. Always remember, beloved, that God dwells in the impossible from a rational, carnal mind's perspective. Eternity is an impossibility to the unregenerate, just as the idea that there is no eternal life is an impossibility to a believer. We function and grow in God when we dwell with Him in that place of impossibility. In turn, when we abide with Him in that place of wonderful creative power, then we will never doubt His ability. Doubt becomes the ultimate impossibility once we learn to abide in that most holy place. May we all learn the secret of the indwelling God that seeks to perform the impossible continually in our day to day lives. Thank God for the Creator who lives within to do the impossible, and to remove all doubts therein!

Heavenly Father, may we understand by the Spirit of wisdom and revelation how You desire to live "impossibly" through us and to affect the miraculous in our lives continually. May Your faith that You give us for the impossible chase away any doubts of any other conclusion, helping us to never doubt again. Thank you for Your loving faith. In Jesus' Name, Amen!

Your Barefoot Servant,


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