The Bare Soul - December 9, 2007
Running For Mobility

Matthew 15:31 - The people were amazed when they saw the mute speaking, the crippled made well, the lame walking and the blind seeing. And they praised the God of Israel.

Are the days of miracles a thing of the past? Does God move in miraculous ways? I witness it daily as I read emails and receive messages from friends and acquaintances alike that are attesting to the wonderful things the Lord is doing all over this world!

If you are reading this on Sunday December 9, I will be running or have just finished my 33rd barefoot marathon at the Dallas White Rock Marathon in Dallas Texas (my 51st marathon overall). At this point in my barefoot running career, someone could rightfully say "So what? It's getting to be 'old hat', Rick." I would agree with them and would only add that my barefoot running and marathoning has taken on a life and ministry of its own through Soles For Souls. After a while, there is a big "So what?" if a person is not doing something like this with other than purely altruistic and self-centered reasons. However, this is now the Lord's ministry.

So, with that said, it is wonderful to kick off my 2008 Souls For Souls drive in Dallas for the Free Wheelchair Mission. This is a wonderful organization that gives hope and mobility to the forgotten, crippled victims of this world -- people that would never experience a helping hand for a sturdy wheelchair if it was not for this organization. The following is from their website:

Our Mission
“Transform lives through the gift of mobility to the physically disabled poor in developing countries as motivated by Jesus Christ”.

TWENTY SEVEN YEARS AGO, the sight of a crippled Moroccan woman crawling across a dirt road planted a seed that germinated in 1999 when Don Schoendorfer, founder of Free Wheelchair Mission, invested his education and professional expertise as a PhD Mechanical Engineer to create a simple, rugged, and inexpensive wheelchair. The mental picture of the crawling woman's anguish and loss of dignity had haunted him for years until God opened a path for Dr. Schoendorfer.

FWM believes that when Jesus Christ lived in this world, He had special love for the sick and crippled. We try to share the same concern now for the poor, especially those with physical immobility. The chairs are distributed free to those in need, regardless of one's religious affiliation if any.

As my legs and my bare feet carry me mile after mile in 2008, my prayer and desire is that others would once again be mobile through my barefoot running and your generosity.

For a little under $50, wheelchairs through FWM are provided at no cost to those in the greatest need in third world countries. Any donation amount is gladly accepted! Won't you help? Please go to my Run For Mobility Donation Page or click the link below and give generously so that you might give wheels to one who has no legs. God Bless!

Your Humble Barefoot Servant,

Barefoot Rick

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