The Bare Soul - December 28, 2008
"Go Therefore ..."

Matthew 28:19a - Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations ...

The prerequisite of making disciples will always imply "going". As we step out in faith, God is able to disciple others through us as we also have been taught. On the 19th of December, 140 of us from around the United States converged on Reynosa Mexico for five days of outreach to the Mexican people. We came well-equipped with gifts for the 60 children of Josiah and Bethany's Children's Home as well as many Christmas gifts for the poorest folks of Reynosa. Throughout this Calvary Commission outreach, we distributed hundreds of pounds of beans and rice along with clothes and toys to the children. Of even greater importance than the material items we distributed was the love of Jesus through full gospel worship, testimony, preaching, puppet and drama shows. There was a real excitement and anticipation of what Christ was doing through the people of Reynosa as our teams (with the help of our translators) swept through the neighborhoods and invited the locals to our rallies.

Personally, I have been on outreaches within the U.S., but this was the first time beyond the American border. I was taken aback how accepting these folks were of the Gospel. Several of us made the comment that they were like "sponges", absorbing the words of our testimonials with eagerness and conviction. Typically, both outdoor and indoor services throughout the outreach attracted several hundred people. Without fail, dozens of folks would come forward during the altar calls to give their lives to the Lord Jesus Christ. Many of us personally prayed with scores of people to receive the Lord into their hearts. (Note: Those who accepted the Lord as their Savior will be followed up by the church in Reynosa to help with their Christian development). Many who were in need of physical healing experienced God's restorative power as we anointed them with oil and prayed for miracles in their lives. The working of the Holy Spirit was apparent as some expressed gratitude to the Lord with tears. Others would kneel in reverence while others would be overcome by the power of the Spirit and would lie prostrate before Him.

During these days of constant ministry, friendships were galvanized among us by the Holy Spirit. Joe and Charlotte Fauss, founders and directors of Calvary Commission told us at orientation that  the bonds of friendship would become evident in this short space of time by the hugs and tears as we went our separate ways at the conclusion of the outreach. They were right.  As Joe Fauss and Marty Thomas led our teams throughout the five day outreach, it was evident that they were sowing seeds of love among us as they led us with a spirit of humility. This spirit of love and brotherhood permeated down from all the leadership, creating a loving cohesiveness among all the team members.

Some might think it extraordinary to give up a few days of their Christmas holiday to spend time with some of the poorest people in the western hemisphere. However, the Lord Jesus Christ never considered whether it was heroic or sacrificial or noble to give of ourselves at Christmas time or any time throughout the year -- He merely told us to "go" and make disciples . The only thing really worth mentioning regarding missionary work is that it is "normal" Christianity. It is not any more remarkable than merely living the normal Christian life on a daily basis. Those who know the Lord have all been called to "go". To not go should be the exception. Few He has called to "stay" and the vast majority of us He has ordained to carry what we have been so richly given to those who are most in need.

Postscript: Calvary Commission has been leading teams for nearly 30 years into Mexico. Every Easter and Christmas, they lead groups into Reynosa to minister the love of Jesus. If you feel called to help the poor of Mexico, or possibly other areas of the world (e.g. Romania, Peru, Israel), please explore the possibilities at May the Lord bless you!

Children at Josiah and Bethany's Children Home

Carlos, a loved orphan at J&B's Children Home

(Left) Charlotte Fauss with a precious soul on her lap     (Right) Pastor Alejandro and Calvary Commission Church at Reynosa

(Left) "Hermanos" (brothers) with gifts of gum    (Right) Gifts of beans, rice, and toys after an outreach to a local church

Toys for all the girls and boys!


The poorest neighborhoods received the love of Jesus!


Whose Fool Are You?
Sermon by Rick Roeber

The following message was delivered on Sunday morning December 21, 2008 at the Calvary Commission Church in Reynosa Mexico during the Christmas Outreach.
(Thank you once again, Pastor Alejandro,  for your superb translation assistance!)

Whose Fool Are You? - Calvary Commission Church, Reynosa Mexico - December 21, 2008


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