The Bare Soul - November 18, 2007
A "Fool" in the World's Court

For the message of the cross is foolishness to those of us who are perishing,
but to us who are being saved it is the power of God.
- I Corinthians 1:18

We are fools for Christ's sake ... - II Corinthians 4:10

Perception is reality, right? Depends on who you talk to, I suppose. The subjects of perception will always argue this point especially if they believe that other's perception is not the reality they are experiencing. I have said this before and I will reiterate it here -- Truth is truth regardless what perception may relate. The wise will discern what actually is the true reality in any given situation.

Take barefoot running, for instance. The perception to many who don't understand the bio-mechanics behind it can only speculate from their point of reference the perceived insanity or foolishness. Those of us who have experienced otherwise know the truth regarding the lighter impact and lack of leg and knee injuries that shoeless running produces when coupled with proper running form. Some folks, however much evidence is produced, will only continue to refuse to believe the irrefutable science behind forced, lighter cadence and gait produced by barefoot running (or minimalist shoes for that matter). At least with barefoot running, there continues to be daily research that continues to reaffirm many of us who have ran barefoot for some time, that what we believe is true. In comparison, the Gospel of Jesus Christ has been maligned by the majority of humankind for the past two thousand years. I'm not talking about "religiousness" or going to a Christian church. I'm talking about giving ones self in an extravagant way to the Lord Jesus on a daily basis. Paul stated: I die daily. The apostle speaks of a radical surrender to the Lord on a daily basis -- to die to his own will and desires and to live for Jesus. This is insanity and foolishness to not only the world but to most "church-ed" parishioners.

Those who truly desire to live this life pleasing to our Lord will experience their share of ridicule and disdain. Even as a court jester played his role in the courts of the kings of this earth, even so those who desire to live godly will look like a fool in the "court's of this world". The King of this cosmos, Satan, will chide and ridicule us as will his subjects. Those with so called power and authority in our lives will mock us for our seemingly foolish ways. Yet, those of us who love the Lord Jesus know that our true kingdom is not of this world and we are but ambassadors in this kingdom of darkness and truly have diplomatic immunity to say and do as our True King would have us walk and talk. Even as the court jester was often the only one who could get away with speaking the truth to the king without getting his head lopped off, so we who are living for our Lord can speak with unabashed truth to the king of darkness and those still under his sway. They too, if they will perceive the reality of the Gospel of Jesus, can be set free to live and to speak against their former tyrant.

Just as barefoot running has brought a new understanding of how to run and has brought healing to bad knees and legs, the Gospel of Jesus Christ has brought healing to my life and to countless others. Foolish perception of what seemed ludicrous has been replaced by an assurance of what is the reality of truth. Once God moves on a man or woman's heart in this manner, the foolishness of the "wise of this world" only provokes us to continue to live and share our experience on a daily basis, with the love and compassion of being an ambassador for the King who will one day usurp the counterfeit ruler who continues to fool the "wise". Maranatha (Come Lord Jesus!)

Your Humble Barefoot Servant!

Barefoot Rick

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