The Bare Soul - October 10, 2007
Infinite Improvement

Recently at one of my marathons, a fellow runner came up behind me and commented on my running form. He said he owned a running store and had fit quite a number of runners for shoes. He went on, stating that my running form was excellent, that I did not pronate or supinate, but ran with consistency and ease. I thanked him and told him that my bare feet had re-taught me how to run because I was somewhat of a stupid runner when I ran with shoes -- constantly over striding and causing all sorts of problems to my knees.

Which got me to thinking once again about how we progress in our respective pursuits. No one has perfect running form, but those of us who run are all trying to progress toward that goal. This, of course, should be the prize that we all wish to attain whether it is running, our jobs, our relationships, or most importantly, our spiritual growth. There is no end to progress, which means to me that there is no end to how developed we can all become in our respective lives in regard to these dynamics.

One thought leads to another (for me, anyway), which lead to my thoughts about an infinite God and his infinite love toward His creation. Philosophers for millennia have philosophized regarding whether the universe is finite or infinite. No one knows, for sure. However, believers such as myself and many of you would concur that the universe is infinite which is a testimony of our infinite God. Just think about it! A universe that goes on and on and on and on without end! What an amazing testimony of how the very infinite universe that God created is such a wonderful metaphor and archetype of the never-ending, eternal existence where He dwells. I think a flaw in the argument that eternity is finite is the existence of "nothingness" outside of "somethingness". Even nothing, is something and would have to possess some time of matter even to not-exist. The very thought of anti-matter in quantum physics implies that there is a plane of existence that boggles the mind and defies explanation by our puny ways of finite thinking.

I love to read Solomon's works, such as Proverbs and Ecclesiastes. There is one verse that speaks of the reality of eternity and how it is beyond our comprehension, yet compelling and awe inspiring to dwell on. In Ecclesiastes 3:11 it states "He [God] has made everything beautiful in its time. He has also set eternity in the hearts of men; yet they cannot fathom what God has done from beginning to end." Solomon by necessity wrote and spoke in a time-bound manner, referring to a beginning and an end yet these are the only ways to begin to understand an infinite God with a finite brain. It is impossible to do otherwise, for only time is our reference. However, as we continue to reach out to our loving Father yet we are awestruck as the Holy Spirit reveals small tidbits of these truths to our souls.

Saint Augustine wrote along these lines: "Our souls are restless until they rest in Thee". While we will never be able to comprehend the immensity of our God in this lifetime, or his infinite being, or even something like his universe which is temporal, yet infinite (for indeed, the Lord will create new heavens and a new earth as stated in His scripture), still we can get lost in the thought as the psalmist stated: "When I consider the heavens, the work of your fingers; The sun and the moon which you have created; What is man that you take thought of him? Or, the son of man that you care for him?" Our God has infinite power and love and dwells in an infinite resting place from the work of His creation, yet he desires humankind as his greatest joy and accomplishment. He desires and yearns to see us moving and progressing toward his wonderful, infinite light! Always becoming, never quite attaining until we one day rest in the eternal, immortal, infinitely loving arms of our God and Father and in his son, Jesus Christ. May we all continue to progress until that happy, glorious eternity!

Your Humble Barefoot Servant!

Barefoot Rick

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