The Bare Soul - October 2, 2011
Divine Rescue

Colossians 1:13-14 - For He rescued us from the domain of darkness, and transferred us to the kingdom of His beloved Son, in whom we have redemption, the forgiveness of sins.

Ever wonder why super-heroes are such a popular genre? While we trudge through our daily "grinds", it is often refreshing to know that we can escape into another reality where mortals take on a sense of immortality. As a child, I remember the old Batman series on prime time television. Both in comic book print and on TV, I was fascinated with the Caped Crusader and how he always managed to set things right in the end. Others, such as Superman, took on an other "worldliness" characteristic of phenomenal power and strength. No matter the character, publishers such as DC Comics and Marvel created larger-than-life characters that  transcended human effort when all seemed lost. Regarding mankind's frailty, it would appear the human psyche is wired to understand we desperately need something greater than ourselves to believe in. We know our inherent weaknesses all too well, so we are able to rejoice when a true hero saves the proverbial day. With all reverence I suggest that Jesus Christ is the ultimate Super-hero that will always rescue us, if we will but call upon Him. Though transcendent in all power, He is still intimately involved with each of us in a personal way.

In our lead verse, Paul describes Satan's stronghold over humanity as the "domain of darkness." I can think of no better description to describe Satan's syndicate of evil. Imagine with me, if you will, any number of arch villains or "foils" that have sought to rule society in the aforementioned super-hero genres. Often, we would find a damsel in distress (such as a Lois Lane) being held hostage by powers that sought the overthrow of their righteous nemesis. These wicked gangsters, mad scientists, or all-around evil geniuses often sought to lure their foe into some type of trap. They believed if they could somehow orchestrate the "show down", then they would have the upper hand. Of course, any of us who have ever watched a Superman or Batman movie know this isn't the case. Good always triumphs over evil in the end. As previously mentioned, these sort of outcomes are hard-wired into human beings. We seek redemption, in one way or another. If we can't find it in our religion, we will seek it in other ways.

While I see a lot of movies with my wife, I am particularly selective about what I put before my eyes. I generally want to know there is some type of redemption in the end for the protagonist (or, in some cases the antagonist). It seems less than gratifying when movies or books or any genre of entertainment leave us with an "open ending", not providing closure for anyone, including the audience. Fortunately, those who believe the scriptures and have read to the end of the book of Revelation know we win. This is the greatest redemptive story in the history of the world, and yet many discard it as archaic and unrealistic for our times. They put the Bible in the same genre as comic books or ancient myths which do little to assuage the problems of contemporary living. What they don't understand is that their great inner need for redemption will not be satisfied by any other than the thing they regard as ridiculous. The devils in the domain of darkness have lied to them so they don't understand that they are in need of ransom. If they only knew that Jesus Christ had already paid the price for their release many years ago. The lies that these "evil geniuses" continue to perpetrate over their unknowing slaves continue to be unchallenged. Therefore, the vast majority of the world who are held in these gangsters' grips are unaware of their freedom. If only they would accept this eternal gift from the greatest Super-hero who ever existed, or ever will exist. Then, they would find true freedom from the evil that plagues them everyday.

Many will continue to look up to these super-hero characters we've created out of our need for something bigger than ourselves. I personally believe these are healthy examples to emulate and to look up to, especially for youngsters. However, these are merely to point us to the greatest hero of all time and eternity, who transferred all mankind from the domain of darkness into the kingdom of "His beloved Son." It's time for us all to accept His saving power in our respective lives, and to understand the price has been paid. May we all know that Jesus Christ has rescued us, and will continue to save us as we trust in Him.

Heavenly Father, we thank You for the sacrifice of Jesus. We thank You that You sent Him as the Divine Rescuer to redeem us for Your good pleasure. May we always look to Him and know that we have been transported by His grace into the kingdom of God, always to be with You. In Jesus' Name, Amen.

Your Barefoot Servant,




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