The Bare Soul - January 18, 2009
Your Kingdom Come

Matthew 6:10 - Your kingdom come, Your will be done, On earth as it is in heaven.

If there is one Christian prayer that most folks know, it is The Lord's Prayer. Many churches and denominations pray this prayer every week in their Sunday morning services. As with anything that is done repetitiously, this powerful prayer can lose all of its unction and meaning, becoming a rote monologue said without even thinking about the words spoken. However, once we establish whom we are addressing and His eminence as the Holy One of the universe, the pray-er can then seek to align themselves with the intent of their Maker. The next three lines of this prayer are probably the most powerful words that we can pray as the Body of Christ, yet they are truly symptomatic of prayer-words losing their impetus and meaning.

Your kingdom come,
Your will be done,
On earth as it is in heaven.

What does it REALLY mean to pray "Your kingdom come"? For some Christians, it would be a most upsetting and alarming situation if God truly did what we asked Him. Some undoubtedly have a faulty vision in their mind of what God's kingdom on earth will look like. Certainly, the kingdom of Jesus Christ and His rule on earth will be a blessed, joyous life full of His righteousness and justice. The key word here is ... justice. For in order for there to be a reign of God's love and joy and blessings, there will assuredly be a hostile takeover of the power and authorities currently occupying the earth and His prospective kingdom. In order for His kingdom to come, there will be a need to establish righteous rule as He judges the thoughts and intents of every soul on earth. Jesus Christ is coming again, and He is coming with the fire of His judgments that will purge the earth of anything that does not give glory to His name and to His Father's.

If we truly examine the words that the Lord Jesus taught us to pray, we will see that He desires an exact replication of what is in heaven to be on the earth. Does God tolerate sin in heaven? Does He "wink" at his angels or at the redeemed in glory that might want to experience a little vicarious pleasure by possibly gossiping about this one or that one? Does He allow watching movies or television that mocks the love that He put between a married man and woman with licentious abandon and lascivious aberrations between unmarried or same sex couples? Beloved, angels have fallen from the heavenly realms for the unholy act of pride and rebellion which are nothing less than what many of us do in contradiction to what God requires of us here on earth. If Jesus Christ came this very day in answer to our prayer to establish His kingdom on earth, would we meet Him with an uplifted, unashamed face? Or would we hide and cower because truly we were only mouthing our pretense that He should establish His holy residence upon the earth?

Without a doubt, Jesus Christ is coming once again to establish peace and righteousness upon the earth. The precursor to this tranquil realm is the bloody coup spoken of in numerous scriptures (see Isaiah 35:4, Isaiah 59:17-18, Isaiah 61:2-3). For those who can accept it, those who are called by His name have been given the awesome and heroic responsibility of preparing the way for His final vengeance before he will one day (soon) establish His peace. Psalm 149 is a testimony of spiritual warfare that is the heritage of every believer. Not only should the "high praises of God be on our lips and a two-edged sword in our hands" but we should know what to do with this spiritual sword of the Holy Spirit. Verses 7-9 state that we should take vengeance on the nations and upon spiritual principalities by welding our spiritual swords against wickedness and evil. Verse 9 concludes by stating that it is our "honor" to serve God in this wise. Beloved, are we truly pulling down wicked strongholds in our lives and the lives of those around us? Are we doing the work as a forerunner of Christ by evoking His vengeance on wickedness that would seek to usurp the holiness of the Most High God? The words of The Lord's Prayer are not glib, meaningless scripture meant for an offertory prayer on Sunday mornings. No, my brothers and sisters, they are powerful words meant to usher in the kingdom or our Lord and to establish His righteous reign on this earth as well as in heaven. Are we truly ready for His kingdom to come?

Lord Jesus, we pray ... "Your kingdom come" and all the implications that those words prescribe. Bring judgment upon this earth starting with us. Purge us of self and wickedness. Then, use us to lift up your standard of righteousness and love to a world that is dying all around us. In Jesus Christ's holy name, Amen!

Your Barefoot Servant,



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