Ambassadors Of Fun!

It occurred to me on my lunchtime run how much fun I have barefoot running. The first mile, I am getting into my "groove" and the smile on my face starts to peek out. By mile 2, I can hardly contain it. I am smiling ear to ear, with "hi" or "howdy" or "how are you?" to everyone I pass.

The Proverbs state, "A merry heart does good like a medicine." Now before you non-religious-types turn off to me quoting scripture, know that it is proven, scientifically, that laughter and joy are good for the physiological, emotional, and mental aspects of our lives. (It has even been known to help the recovery of cancer patients by watching comic films before chemotherapy.) For me, it is hard to contain it from bubbling up and over. I'm sure many of you have experienced this at one level or another when barefoot running.

On the other hand, I have noticed those runners with serious looks on their faces acting like what they are doing is not fun. How unfortunate! I remember when I took my running WAY to seriously and all the fun went out of it.

I was once asked if I was happy by a close friend years ago. I said "yes, I was". He said "Then, you should notify your face!" I find that, today, I cannot hide how I am feeling when I am barefoot running. It is another one of those "Rocking Chair Decisions" that I make today to allow my face to enjoy what is going on inside.

I love barefoot running! It lets me play! It allows me to be a child! I get the privilege to be an Ambassador of Fun!

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