We're All Here Because We're Not All There ...

What does it mean when you're out running barefoot and some guy remarks, "You're not all there, buddy!" Is he implying that my "there" is not all "here"?

As they say, hindsight is better than foresight. I can definitely see back there. If someone had told me 5 years ago that I would be running barefoot today, I might have believed them but would not know I would would be here. I wouldn't or couldn't imagine how it has transformed not only my running but my general outlook. It has made me look whimsically at most areas of my life and not take things too seriously (especially people who make generalized statements about "not being all there".

So, I guess those who think that we're all not there, would be right. If we were there than we definitely wouldn't be here. Better to let them guess whether being here or there is better, because they won't know unless they are here. Is being here or there better? Guess it depends on your perspective. I would guess that it is harder to justify being here if you have never been here, but only there. But what about being between here and there? Is that a significant enough distance between the two to make a rational assumption about both positions? Seems to me that never having traveled to here, that others can only suppose what here is like. Sure, they have heard from others what here looks like, they've read stuff, investigated, but have never taken the time or initiative to be here. I guess if one is nearly here or nearly there they are heading in their proper direction, respectively. They are heading in the direction that they believe is right, right? Funny, I've never heard someone speak about the "there and now" only the "here and now". For me, I think I'll stay here.

Or, maybe here or there doesn't matter. Maybe it's neither here nor there. Guess I'll just keep waiting for Godot.

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