4th Annual Polar Barefoot Run - New Years Day 2008

Local News Coverage for Free Wheelchair Mission!

FOX 4 WDAF Kansas City

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Finally, after three previous years of balmy 40 and 50 degree temps, this year's Polar Barefoot Run lived up to its name. At noon when we kicked off our shoes and braved the ice and snow, it was 20 degrees with a NNW wind gusting to 35 mph! So, needless to say the wind chill was well below zero! Yikes! Hey, but at least it was sunny!

Five other brave souls showed up this year for the annual event. The temperate conditions brought several more out last year, but I was especially proud to be associated with this year's smaller, hearty band of barefoot runners. Two local TV news channels showed up this year to cover the event. I think they were a bit skeptical that we would actually kick off our shoes and run in the snow and ice, but all six of us were out there for at least a half mile loop, and a couple of us braved two loops for a full mile!


Of far greater importance than our daring (or foolishness as some might judge!) was that the Run for Mobility and the Free Wheelchair Mission got some more press. I brought along a donation bucket which my small crew of barefoot runners was willing to contribute toward. The photo journalist asked all the usual questions, mostly WHY do you do this? My answer: "God will use the foolishness of this world to shame the wise." The seeming foolishness of what we were doing out there in that sub-zero wind chill brought awareness to tens of thousands of news viewers regarding the plight of the crippled throughout the world. These are people's hearts that Jesus can touch through acts of kindness.


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