Barefoot Running Links

Just a few folks that are running barefoot. If you have a web site or link to include, please send it to


Boulder Barefoot Running Club

Barefoot Brett Williams Blogspot

Barefoot Cathleen's Blog

Barefoot Dan's Blog

Barefoot Gene's
(alias Thinnmann) Blogspot

Barefoot Jared's Blogspot

Barefoot Joe's Website

Barefoot Josh's Blog

Keith's Blog

Barefoot Ken Bob Saxton's Website

Barefoot Leah's Blog

Barefoot Mark's Website

Barefoot Michaelís Barefooted and Grounded Blog

Barefoot Mike's Blog

Barefoot Moe's Barefoot in Toronto

Barefoot Ryan's
(aka Vancouver Barefoot) Blogspot

Barefoot Ted's Adventures

Barefoot Thomas' Barefoot Running

Barefoot Yanni's Blog



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